Advanced Concepts Manager

Program Integration

DESCRIPTION:  Lead a small team whose focus is conceptual design and analysis of space and launch systems. The team’s function is generation of advanced concepts to guide the course of Blue Origin’s future endeavors. Building on the existing hardware and software elements, and the capabilities of the company, the Manager will lead the exploration of launch and in-space transportation systems and infrastructure architectures, with an emphasis on human missions.  The Manager will work closely with various other groups within the company, specifically the Business Development team, to assess the technical feasibility of various concepts. The Manager will prioritize work assigned, manage analysis schedule and evaluation timelines, and coordinate findings and recommendations. The Manager should be able to generate estimates of schedule, material, and staffing resources required for studies
  • Technical oversight of, and participation in, design and analysis studies
  • Develop strategies, concepts, and plans to support and expand company vision
  • Top level functional requirement derivation
  • Leadership and coaching of advanced concept personnel
  • Prioritize design and analysis tasks for the team
  • Prepare and present findings and recommendations
  • Minimum of a B.S. degree in Engineering or equivalent
  • 10+ years industry experience in space and launch systems development and operations
  • Demonstrated experience leading and managing small teams on fast-paced projects
  • Leadership and management experience as well as a history of mentoring
  • Demonstrated ability to be creative and lead other creative individuals
  • Ability to lead a team to produce results with partially defined requirements and changing criteria
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Applicant must be a United States citizen or permanent resident alien
  • MBA or MS in engineering management
  • Knowledge of systems engineering practices such as trade studies, establishing system metrics, and functional requirements derivation
  • Experience across the product life cycle (pre-conceptual design through field support)
  • Experience and knowledge of multi-disciplinary design optimization tools and techniques
  • Experience and knowledge of system level analysis tools including model-based engineering frameworks (e.g. ModelCenter)
  • Experience or knowledge of design and analysis tools (i.e. POST, ANSYS, ROCETS, etc.)
  • Experience with CAD tools
  • Cost estimation and modelling
  • Operations modelling
  • Experience with proposal leadership or support