Integrated Test Operations (ITOPS) Engineer


DESCRIPTION:  As part of a small team, you’ll plan, manage and run functional and verification tests on flight vehicles as they are being assembled.  The ITOPS team is responsible for executing the vehicle verification plan, producing standard operating procedures for common vehicle operations and processing and archiving test data to support vehicle verification.  This role is a combination of planning and documentation, hands-on work running tests and troubleshooting/data analysis.
Responsibilities include:
  • Working with the design engineers to plan tests of the vehicle subsystems, ensuring the tests are designed to verify the pertinent requirements
  • Writing test procedures and managing procedural redlines and updates during test campaigns
  • Coordinating test crews, support equipment  and vehicle configurations for testing
  • Ensuring common operations are performed the same way across test campaigns
  • Enforcing safety policies during test planning and operations
  • Acting as test engineer with overall responsibility for the test, the crew and the procedure
  • Acting as console operator, controlling the onboard and ground systems during testing
  • Troubleshooting issues with onboard systems that come up during testing
  • Developing procedures and software automation that will be used in launch operations
  • On site launch operations support to prepare the vehicle for flight
  • Reducing, analyzing and archiving test data to support verification tasks
  • Working with design engineers to work testing and operability features in during the design phase of new vehicles
  • Minimum of a B.S. degree in engineering
  • Hands-on experience with hazardous testing with a strong safety record
  • A proven track record of working successfully in multiple disciplines
  • Strong technical writing skills
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien 
  • Experience designing or operating pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems and electronics/control systems
  • Experience designing or operating cryogenic systems, including liquid oxygen systems
  • Familiarity with typical aerospace vehicle pressure system and structure manufacturing technologies
  • Experience leading test teams as a Test Conductor or Test Engineer
  • Experience developing, writing and updating test procedures