Mass Properties Engineer


DESCRIPTION:  As part of a small team, you’ll be responsible for determining, controlling, and documenting mass properties for launch vehicles and spacecraft throughout all phases from conceptual design, development, production, deployment, and post-flight.
  • Allocate, estimate and manage mass properties requirements, margins and weight growth allowances throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Verify that the hardware meets requirements and that the mass properties model is an accurate representation of the flight vehicle
  • Perform conceptual mass properties calculations from geometric approximations
  • Perform detailed mass properties calculations from 3D CAD models and released drawings
  • Generate launch vehicle distributed mass profiles (cg and moments of inertia)
  • Verify component, subsystem and system mass properties data by interfacing with members of the design, integration, and test team
  • Plan, develop and execute weight and balance testing to measure center of gravity and moment of inertia
  • Manage payload and ballast configurations to maintain appropriate weight and center of gravity
  • Development of system requirements, flowdown, and verification
  • Maintain mass properties records
  • Minimum of a B.S. degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering
  • 5+ years of experience with mass properties/weight control in an aerospace environment.  Knowledge of weight growth allowance methods.
  • Ability to demonstrate technical expertise in a wide range of aerospace subsystems including:  propulsion, structures, electronics, and ground support equipment
  • Knowledge of systems engineering practices, fabrication and integration processes, and quality control
  • Extensive computer skills including MS Excel, MS Access, MATLAB, and CAD (ProEngineer preferred) 
  • Ability to solve a variety of complex problems using analytical methods, simulation, and hands-on experimental testing
  • Track record of resourcefulness
  • Experience identifying and resolving mass property threats and opportunities
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien 
  • Knowledge of launch and space vehicles
  • Experience in developing and improving mass properties tool chains that interface with a CAD toolset
  • Experience developing work orders and test procedures
  • Familiarity with requirement development and flowdown
  • Design experience including analysis and drawing development
  • Familiarity with knowledge capture systems, integrated engineering tools and rapid development processes
  • Experience in a small company and/or startup environment